8 ways to learn how to love running


Running can be difficult, it hurts and can also be lonely. It can be hard to find reasons to make us get up and run, but if you find some ways to learn to love running, it can become a healthy habit and less of a chore. 

Here we’ve listed some tips which will hopefully make running a much more enjoyable experience.

Running can often help you to relax and ease your stresses and it also helps to improve your health and fitness, so why not try a few of these tips out and see what works for you.

1. Walk before you run

If you’re just starting out with your running, you might not want to jump straight into it. Many people aren’t able to run for very long before having to stop. There’s no need to rush, take your time and even start of walking long distances before transitioning. Once you build your stamina up then you can set targets to improve each time you go out for a run.

2. Get a running partner

Running with a partner is positive for a number of reasons. They can help to motivate you and keep you going when you start to really feel the burn. Running with somebody else can also make it more fun and social.  Catch up with each other while you run and you’ll be surprised how many miles you manage to fit in.

One thing you might want to consider, is choosing a partner who is of a similar ability to you. This will aid you in reaching your full potential. You’ll want to be able to push each other along.

3. Make it part of your routine

If you take the time to make running part of your daily schedule, it will become a habit and will become something you have to do. You could run for only 30-60 minutes each day at a slow pace. Doing a little bit is better than not doing anything at all!

4. Tune out


Listening to music while you run can take your mind off the task at hand. It can help you to push through the barriers in your mind. You might want to compile a playlist of varied songs, because there’s a high chance you’ll end up running to the beat!

5. Slow down

You aren’t racing against anybody. Many people get discouraged because they set off at a faster pace than they need to and end up overdoing it. Make sure you run at a slow, steady and comfortable pace to begin with, before taking a step-up. Building your endurance and fitness is key.

6. Set yourself goals

When you first take the plunge, make sure you set yourself realistic goals. It doesn’t have to be running 10k straight away, it could be as simple as running to the next lamppost.

7. Get the right gear


Getting the right gear is essential when it comes to running. It can be a painful experience if you aren’t wearing the right running trainers for you. Nobody likes cuts, blisters and bruises, so head down to your local sports shop and get some helpful advice.

8. Push yourself to compete

It’s always good to have a target to aim for. There are plenty of local fun runs and 5k races that you can apply for. Depending on your ability, you could also apply to take part in the Great North or South Run or even sign up for marathon races.

If you surround yourself with other people who are also looking to enter events such as these, it will help to motivate you. You’ll also be raising money for charity and keeping fit in the process. It will leave you feeling accomplished as you cross the finish line.


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