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There are several benefits with placing your insurance policy in trust. Better still, we don’t charge you a penny for the service!

Placing your insurance policy in trust

Placing your insurance policy in trust can have a number of benefits, including the certainty of who will receive the benefit of your policy, reducing your inheritance bill and minimising the time taken for the payout to be made.

For any policy purchased through Better Protect, we would be very happy to help you put your new policy in trust – free of charge.


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What is a Trust?

A Trust is an arrangement that helps you to manage and control your assets. It is particularly useful when organising who will receive the payout from your life insurance policy when you pass away. It will also help to mitigate or reduce inheritance tax, as well as speed up the payment process so that your beneficiaries can receive the benefits of your policy in as little as a few weeks.

By placing your life insurance policy in trust, it will sit separately from the rest of your finances and not form part of your estate. Therefore, it will not form part of the lengthy probate process and all that your loved ones will need to do to receive the policy’s payout, is to provide a death certificate. Payment will follow in a matter of weeks.

For any policy purchased through Better Protect, we would be very happy to arrange for your new insurance policy to be placed in trust – free of charge.

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