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Reading books can make you live longer!

A recent study has revealed that if you read you could actually live longer! The myriad benefits of reading have been long documented, now people who read books apparently, will…

Top 8 Costs of Raising A Child in the UK

Raising children has always been expensive but according to new research by the Centre of Economics and Business Research, the cost is only rising. So where does our money go?…
Inheritance tax

6 simple ways to avoid paying inheritance tax

Not putting your policy in trust could leave a loved one at risk of a sizable tax bill. For example, for a £100,000 life assurance policy payout, an IHT bill of £40,000 would be due if…

How to Exercise On Your Way to Work

Finding time to exercise during the day can be difficult, especially if you work long hours, but could it be possible to find a way to exercise on your way…

5 Ways To Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

The amount of sugar we consume is making us more and more unhealthy, and we probably have no idea just quite how much sugar we have in our diets. The…

8 Ways to Stay Healthy While You Save

Lots of us are constantly looking for ways to save money and keep fit and healthy at the same time. It can be difficult, especially if you’re living on a…
Gut Health

How to maintain good gut health

Sorting out your diet, managing your stress levels and getting enough sleep is the way to maintaining a healthy gut! What we eat is extremely important. It affects how we…

The health benefits of intermittent fasting

Eating three square meals a day may be recognised as a normal routine, but is there an eating schedule that could change the way you think about food while allowing…

8 ways to learn how to love running

Running can be difficult, it hurts and can also be lonely. It can be hard to find reasons to make us get up and run, but if you find some…

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