The best 6 anti ageing foods


Diet plays a key part in your ageing process

The effects of ageing are inevitable. But there are loads of tasty foods and delicious drinks that can help you delay the ageing process. Having a healthy, exercise filled life and eating right can do wonders for you as you age.

We’ve gathered together a few of the tastiest food choices that will help slow the ageing process. Perhaps even stave off age-related diseases. Mix these with an active lifestyle to ensure a long and happy life!


1.       Blueberries

There are so many sumptuous anti-ageing foods that it can be hard to know where to begin. But we’ve decided to start with blueberries! Famously a fountain of health benefits. These little bites of goodness are rich in vitamin C. They aid blood circulation and are high in potassium. Blueberries provide natural minerals and salts that can help the body fight the ageing process. They are a must for your diet.


2.       Olive Oil

For an amazing healthy glow later in life, you should really have plenty of olive oil in your diet. The ‘good fats’ in olive oil contain healthy omega-3s which can improve circulation leading to a rosy glow and supple skin later in life. The oil’s polyphenols and powerful antioxidants are great aids in the fight against ageing.

3.       Chocolate

As much as we love it, too much chocolate can be bad for you. The good news is in moderation chocolate can be good for you. As long as it contains at least 70% cocoa dark chocolate is great for anti-ageing. It’s crammed full of protein and B vitamins. A small amount of dark chocolate will have your skin and hair looking great, as well as helping to burn fat.

4.       Red Wine

Red wine also in moderation helps to protect against some age-related problems. These include diabetes and memory loss. Red wine has been the focus of much research. It’s known to contain resveratrol which activates the genes that slow cellular ageing.

5.       Hemp Oil

A secret ingredient that many people don’t know about is hemp oil. Perfect for salad dressings, mayonnaise and dips. Referred to as ‘nature’s perfect food for humanity’. Hemp oil it’s a rich source of essential amino and fatty acids and an amazing antioxidant. Many anti ageing body care products contain hemp oil so look out for them next time you go shopping.

6.       Nuts

One last snack that is a must if you’re on the go, is nuts. They’re the all-round super food. With benefits like olive oil, nuts have concentrated sources of vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals, including antioxidants. They will also fill you up if you’re out shopping or at work!


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